The Social Hub

Welcome to the Social Hub. We have a members symposium you are able to join and participate in. You first need to register and have your account approved and then you will be able to pop into the symposium and join the discussions.  On the main page of the Social Hub is the menu where you can enter the symposium page, search the members directory, view member profiles,  edit your profile, login, logout and the registration page.


To register, select the registration link on the main page of the Social Hub or click here to register.  Fill out your details and once your account is approved by admin you will receive an email and you’ll be able to access the Symposiums.


You can login and logout from your account from the main Social Hub page.

Your Profile

Each member will have their own profile. The Profile link will take you to your own profile page where you can access symposium topics you have joined, you can add some information about yourself, upload a profile image and avatar.

To edit your profile, click on the cog icon on the right hand side below the banner image.

You can update your profile, add a short description, change images etc (see below)


The Social Hub Symposiums

Once your account is activated you can pop into the Symposiums and introduce yourself here.  You can create a topic and join in discussions with other members.

There are four main sections of the forum that can be accessed from the main Social Hub page…  within these Symposium sections you can create topics or join discussions.

To navigate back to the main page there are ‘breadcrumb links’ at the top of each symposium page (see below). You also have access to your profile via a link below these and the option to create a new topic.

To create a topic: 

Underneath the breadcrumbs is an option to ‘Create a topic’ which will enable you to start a new thread. (see below). Give your topic a title, add the content and submit. You can also add a file/attachment and to post a youtube video you simply pop the url of the video in the text box and when posted the video will appear.


Subscribing to a topic:

You can also subscribe to a symposium topic you would like to follow. In the topic along the top you can ‘favourite’ or ‘subscribe’ to a topic to keep up to date with a discussion. These will also appear in your profile page.