Freedom Chair


$4600 -$4800

Two Models – Two Options
The Freedom Chair is one of the lightest and most versatile power chairs in New Zealand today and That’s the Freedom Chairs Advantage! A life changing experience!

Choose from the A06 or the A08 Model

Price Includes:
One Battery
Battery Charger
Under Seat storage bag
Small Tool Kit

Safe & easy to drive​
The Freedom Chair has a wide wheel base which makes it stable and safe to use. Driving the Freedom Chair is easy and fun. Simply press the power button on the controller, set the speed and use the joystick to move around. The controller manages speed and braking. Low speed is perfect for around the home or in public places. Manoeuvring in passageways and through doors is easy making it safe for beginners to learn with confidence. bMedium speed is perfect for keeping pace with sidewalk traffic or a friend on foot. In High, the Freedom Chair will take you up to 6.5 KPH.

Folds for travel
It instantly folds flat and will fit neatly into most vehicles.  It will fly with ease. Simply ride it to the checkout, deliver it to the baggage conveyor, fold it and remove the battery for carrying on as part of your cabin bag. Simple really!

More batteries more distance​
The AO6 has slots for two batteries which means an incredible 20km’s of travel before you need to re-charge.
The DEO8 has three slots which means up to 30km’s of travel.

The side arms fold up for easier access when being seated or when pulling up to a table.
Charge the battery(s) on the chair or remove the battery for remote charging.
Optional Travel bag available.
Easy to fold and space saving when stored.


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Model A07, Model A08, Shopping Basket, Drink & Phone Holder, Travel Bag, Additional Battery, Tow Bar Mounted Chair Lift (excludes fitting)