Nomination of Board of Management Members


    5.0       Managing Board

          5.1       The Society shall have a managing Board ("the Board of Management " or “the Board”), comprising the following persons:
                a)       the President
                b)       the Vice- President,
                c)       the Secretary,
                d)      the Treasurer (although this office may be combined with that of Secretary); and
                e)       such other elected m embers as the Society shall decide.
          5.2       Only Society members with voting rights may be Board of Management members.
          5.3       There shall be a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of six (6) elected Board of Management members in addition to the Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer).
          5.4       No less than half of Board of Management members shall have had polio.

    7.0       Nomination of Board of Management Members

          7.1       Nominations for Board of Management members shall be called for at least eight (8) weeks before an Annual General Meeting.
          7.2       Each candidate shall be proposed and seconded in writing by current Society members and the completed nomination delivered to the Secretary. Such nomination shall include a brief biographical summary of the nominee citing information relevant to the role for which they are nominated, and the length of such summary shall not exceed one side of an A4 sheet of paper per nominee.
          7.3       Nominations shall close at 5pm on the day twenty-eight (28) days before the Annual General Meeting.
          7.4       Such nominations must be available to all Society members at least two weeks prior to an AGM to allow due evaluation of candidates, prior to voting.
          7.5       If no nominations for an office are received prior to an Annual General Meeting, then nominations may be taken from the floor at the Annual General Meeting.
          7.6       All retiring members of the Board of Management shall be eligible for re-election.
          7.7       If the position of any Board of Management member becomes vacant between Annual General Meetings, the Boar d may appoint another Society Member to fill that vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting.

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  • Member of Polio NZ Inc:

  • Brent von Sierakowski

    Brent von Sierakowski

    Polio NZ has achieved excellent progress over the last 12 months in achieving goals set out in the strategic plan.

    I am keen to see this progress continue particular with respect to raising our profile, support to members incJuding those with the Late Effects of Polio.

    I bring general business skills to the organisation, more specifically a strong corporate governance background, marketing, strategic planning , finance as well as fundraising.

  • Anne Fitpatrick

    Anne Fitpatrick

    I have a background in management, leadership development and governance.

    I have been on the Board of Polio NZ for the last year.

    My focus has been on broadening the funding base, collaboration with the University of Otago to research the effectiveness of dynamic braces and organising a symposium for health professionals on the Late Effects of Polio.

    Over the next twelve months I want to:

    keep increasing the funding base

    increase the membership of Polio NZ

    raise the profile of Polio NZ and Late Effects of Polio

    continue to improve the services we provide to our members

  • Brian Robinson

    Brian Robinson

    Nomination for President

    I have been a member of Polio NZ Inc. for about 15 years. At the time I was asked if I was starting to suffer from Post-Polio Syndrome. At the time, I wasn’t having any issues, but how times have changed. In the past ten years things have got worse for me. Therefore, I am all for getting the message to the medical people and physios so that they understand the problems we have as polio survivors.

    I have been a Board Member for the past 4 years and this past year as President. I am seeking re-election as President for a second term and if elected will do my utmost to ensure Polio NZ’s profile and our vision is upheld.

    Our Vision

    “Polio New Zealand’s Vision is that all people who have survived polio in New Zealand have affordable access to appropriate health care and the support required to maintain independence and make informed life choices.”

    Thank you

    Brian Robinson

  • Steve Griffiths

    Nomination for Vice President

    I am 63 years old. I contracted polio at 18 months of age in Essex England and emigrated with my parents and siblings (to get me out of the cold) at 19 years of age. My wife, Raewyn, and I live in Mangere Bridge Auckland. We have two adult sons. Polio resulted in me wearing full length braces on both legs in my younger years, but fortunately I was able to get rid of one of those around the time I started school. My Dad adapted a bike for me which I rode with one leg and used to get to and from school until I could drive. I have spent my working life in the building industry, initially training as an architectural draughtsman. In 1993, a mate and I started a tiling company and we successfully built it up and sold it a couple of years back, 27 years later. I am currently employed by the new owner and enjoying working four-day weeks. My hopes for the next year are to continue with a couple of projects, offer what I can in support of the President and the Board and to try and be as friendly to the rest of you as I can be!

  • Yi Small

    Nomination for Treasurer

    I have a range of skills in relation to management, finance and governance of not-for-profit organisations.

    I have been on the Polio NZ Inc. Board for the last year to learn about this organisation and to assist the Treasurer role.

    It is a privilege to be one of the Board members of Polio NZ. The Board has achieved a lot for our members but there are still challenges which the Board are focused on for the coming year.

    I have accepted nomination as Treasurer for the coming year I am keen to focus on managing the finances and support our fundraising efforts.

  • Intending to Stand from the Floor at the AGM:

  • Lonnard Dean Watkins

    Lonnard Dean Watkins was born in Taupō and contracted Polio as an infant during the last outbreak in New Zealand in 1961.

    Lonnard has served on many volunteer committees over the years including two years as President of the New Zealand Poetry Society. During his tenure as president, Lonnard was convener of the 2015 New Zealand Poetry Conference held at the National Library in Wellington.

    Since 2017 Lonnard has been a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Council for a multinational company and heads the working group for disability.

    He offers his experience in Social Media and online solutions to helping Polio NZ deliver its strategic plan and perhaps also assist with the newsletter if needed.

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