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Registered Charity No: CC 25022 Incorporated Society No: 485143
IRD No. 62-049-111 Exempt from Income Tax in terms of Section CB 4(1)c (Income Tax Act 1994)

If you have any questions, concerns, interests, suggestions, or if you have any skills or resources you wish to make available to Polio NZ Inc. please write below or on a separate sheet.

Criteria for Membership of Polio NZ Inc.

Excerpt from the Constitution of Polio NZ Inc.

Types of Members

11.1. Membership shall comprise different classes of membership as follows:

a) Ordinary Members:

An ordinary member shall be a person who has applied to and been accepted by the Board of Management for membership and who has paid any prescribed subscription;

b) Life Members:

Any person who has rendered outstanding services to the Society or has made a great financial contribution to the Society may be elected a life member of the Society on the recommendation of the Board of Management and on the vote of a two-thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote at any Annual General or Special General Meeting of the Society. Any person so elected shall be entitled without subscription to all the privileges of membership;

11.2 Members have the rights and responsibilities set out in this Constitution.
11.3 Only Current Financial Members of the Society may participate in local support groups.

Admission of Members

12.1To become a Member, a person (''the Applicant") must:

a. Complete an official membership application form; and
b. Supply any other information the Board of Management requires.
c. Pay the subscription levied for the financial year in which the Applicant applies.


1) Any Polio Survivor and their primary care-giver shall be automatically granted membership on receipt of their application and subscription

2) Any Medical Professional shall be granted membership on receipt of their application and subscription on provision of evidence of their commitment to supporting the work of Polio NZ.

3) Any other person shall be granted membership after the Board of Management has considered and approved their application and their subscription has been received. Any applicant who has not had polio or is not the primary carer for someone who has had polio must provide evidence of the positive contribution they can and intend to make to the work of Polio NZ. Each person who has had polio can only have one person be a member of Polio NZ as their carer.

Revised June 2019


If you leave a legacy gift to Polio NZ, you can make a significant difference in the lives of Polio Survivors and their families. Polio NZ warmly invites you to help us in our work by making a bequest. Please contact our treasurer at