Resources for Polio People


Post-Polio Pain: Causes & Management Carol Vandenakker MD PDF 184KB Download


Professional Brochure pamphlet PPSS Information Brochure for Health Professionals (A4 folded in thirds) Download here or request from 0800-476-546 Download
The Polio Patient Pamphlet pamphet A guide for people
with Late Effects of Polio, and their Health Providers
Download here or request from 0800-476-546 Download
“Did you have polio?” pamphlet pamphlet General information about Post Polio Syndrome. (A4 folded in half) Download here or request from 0800-476-546 Download


The first 5 of these are taken from Jega’s Powerpoint slides
Jega Jegasothy Session 1a “Back To Basics – Late Effects Of Polio” PDF 15.8MB Download
Jega Jegasothy Session 1b “Are You A Falls Risk?” PDF 5MB Download
Jega Jegasothy Session 2a “Polio Self Management – Session 1” PDF 4MB Download
Jega Jegasothy Session 2b “Polio Self Management – Session 2” PDF 844KB Download
Jega Jegasothy Session 3b “Facing Surgery – Questions To Ask” PDF 2.2MB Download
Jega Jegasothy Article “Facing Surgery? – Be Prepared” PDF 70KB Download
Dr Richard Bruno Article Preventing Complications in Polio Survivors Undergoing Surgery PDF 127KB Download
Jega Jegasothy Article Jega’s Steps for Self Care PDF 40KB Download

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